Eternal Law of Cyber Security Trend
1 min readNov 18, 2020


Whatever is missing as gaps in current technologies, software and hardware trends will be fulfilled shortly after either through upgrades.

If there is no more upgrades possibility, there will be new evolution of entirely new approaches and platforms.

New apps and new technologies yield new attack surfaces.

Upgrades, updates, new features of existing technologies yield new attack surfaces that if security professionals fail to learn those, risk gaps exist.

Increased business requirements and competitions may trigger new inventions of technologies if existing technologies cannot fulfil the needs.

Gaps in Non-Cybersecurity Work Force

Newbie developers always introduce or re-introduce old-school security weakness patterns unless there is a preventive control built into the language.

Conflict between Cyber Security team and other stake holders always remain unless hefty pains, penalty or collaboration KPI are specifically defined.

Gaps in Cybersecurity Work Force

New technologies create skill gaps in Cyber Security professionals. Such skill gaps will allow security loopholes to be passed through.

The confidence level of Cyber Security professionals is directly related to what are going in the company they’re working for and whether they are regularly made aware of technology changes, and keep discovering attack surfaces on their protected assets. An awareness gap will allow security loopholes to be passed through.

Cyber Criminal Landscape

Any new technology advancements — crypto currencies, privacy, encryption are always best abused by adversaries to maintain and grow their business.